I’m in trouble

Our 2007 tomato jungle
Our 2007 tomato jungle

I said I would restrain myself on tomatoes. (And yes, I said it last year too. It’s an ongoing struggle.) So I thought five varieties, just two plants apiece. Only I still have seeds from five packets (the initial lack of restraint, which goes back a few years), and I’ve just ordered another variety, which makes six. I saved seeds from two varieties last fall as an experiment, so that’s eight (not that I’m wedded to ‘mystery red’). And a colleague in Chicago sent me seeds she’d saved from two other varieties. I’m already up to 10, and that’s before Tomatomania, or a trip to Maine that would include a side trip to Green Mountain Transplants for a few heirlooms at 55 cents apiece, or something I might see at the Farmers Market. Yes, I’m in trouble.

Planting just one of each seems … well, impossible. Noah’s Ark it must be. Two by two, and two beds for sure. Good thing he’s promised that new bed. The 10-footer could take 10, the eight-footer could take eight and ‘mystery red’ may have to wait a year. As for the Ramapos we may start for a friend .. need to think about if I could ask for one and where I could squeeze it in. One set of seeds is an early version, determinate and could grow in a pot if necessary. Hmm.

If any volunteers spring up from tomatoes that rotted in the beds or the compost, someone else will have to do the killing.

Next: do I skip Tomatomania?


7 thoughts on “I’m in trouble

    1. Point taken, Helene, but all of you know what we look like! So far, this site is staying pretty private, blocked from web crawlers and search engines. If I wanted the world to know what I was up to, I’d be on Facebook. 🙂
      He doesn’t want his name out there. I’ll look again for photos that might be the compromise. Of course, when you come visit, we’ll put a photo of you in the garden on the site!

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