Today was warm and sunny, so we decided to do a little winter clean-up in the yard. As usual, one thing led to another, and I decided to clean a bit of what I want to keep as a woodland path. One section has plenty of these horrible briars alongside it. They are thorny like roses but clearly not, since the deer don’t touch them. Whack, whack with those loppers! It will be a constant battle…
But when he decided to go to the river behind our property, I suggested we hack away at the briars blocking the way and create a proper path. Fortunately, we didn’t have to clear the entire route. It quickly opened up to a grassy, marshy area that is still half-frozen (but will soon be mud) that leads to the river. In more than three years, I had never been back there. We could hear the water moving. A bit further east, geese were in the water. Perfect for birdwatching when it is dry. And maybe it is at the peak of summer. I know one thing: this is not the route to take to launch a kayak!

the river behind our property
the river behind our property
more of the river
more of the river

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