Zinnia mania

If I am obsessed with tomatoes, the Brit is mad for zinnias. After growing a few from seed last year, we have moved into full-scale production this month. The flat (72 plugs, filled with Burpee seeds bought last year or maybe for 10 cents a pack at the end of 2007) that we started 10 days ago has germinated nicely on the heat mat and has been moved to stage two, or 16 hours under the grow lights daily. Wonder what colors we’ll have?
We’ve just planted 3/4 of another flat of seeds using Valueseeds. This variety is called Pulcino, about a foot tall, and the color is mixed. All should be ready to go outdoors in mid-May, when the danger of frost has passed.
Also planted tonight were dwarf white nicotiana, nicotiana tinkerbell and flambe salmon petunia, also from Valueseeds. I admit I was disappointed in those packs. At least one should have had 100 seeds in it. If there were that many, there were microscopic. We have three plugs apiece of the nicotiana and two of the petunias.
We planted another flat of seeds 10 days ago (including three tomatoes … aiming for big rootballs and early tomatoes). The basement is definitely turning into an ersatz greenhouse.

one of last year's zinnias, grown from seed
one of last year's zinnias, grown from seed

3 thoughts on “Zinnia mania

  1. I love Zinnias!!! I’ll be expecting my bouquet and pots of them on my next visit LOL 🙂
    Still wondering when you will be my CSA

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