Will they grow?

We went to the apartment of friends for dinner Saturday night, and she had more pepper seedlings than she knew what to do with. Turns out that she was cutting a yellow pepper about a month ago and decided to scatter the seeds in an oval-shaped pot on the window sill instead of tossing them in the trash. Her window gets lots of sun, and a month later she had loads of three-inch pepper seedlings. We have scored a dozen of them and will see how many square feet are available to them (or whether we, too, will be sharing the wealth). I’m curious whether they really sprout yellow or are hybrids and end up looking like .. what?
The next day we met someone else who, it turns out, was so impressed with some peach-like tomatoes last summer that he saved the seeds. Let’s see if he comes through with a few of them.
I’ve already come up with a way to squeeze them into the 18 spots reserved in the beds for tomatoes: the silvery fir determinate ones will just have to go in pots instead. And yes, that means I am up to 20 tomato plants. (And we just started a few more seeds too.)


2 thoughts on “Will they grow?

    1. I agree!!
      Am sending you a few other tomato seeds — some of the super Marmande and sharing the wealth with the peach heirloom tomatoes I was just given (am just as curious to see what they are like!)

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