Spring is really here!!

Last Sunday night it started snowing and we ended up with about four inches of snow. By Saturday it was 60 degrees and just about every last bit of snow was gone. Better yet, the first crocuses bloomed!! (Everyone we’ve told seems envious.) On Sunday, we spotted bees looking for nectar.

A true sign of spring
A true sign of spring

I don’t remember planting them in clumps like these, so I’ve decided they must be naturalizing. Excellent!

Besides plenty of pale purple ones, dark purple ones are out (under the lavender — need to move them),  a few white ones by the curb and one yellow one.

Daffodils are pushing up too! And a lenten rose (helleborus) is blooming!


3 thoughts on “Spring is really here!!

  1. Lucky you! They look lovely. Here in Chicago the bulbs are starting to come up. I took all the mulch away over the weekend when it was nice out. I’m hoping by mid-April we’ll have flowers. Of course that will be when I’m gone…

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