Mad growers!
Mad growers!

This is what some of the shelves in our basement have become: a propagating area. Two pairs of fluorescent lights (two different intensities, one daylight, one cool — check the kelvins on the box if you want to try this; the hanging bulb holder attached to the rafters costs about $8 at Lowe’s), as many containers as we can fit under them, placed in plastic containers, generally the lid and bottom of germination sets when not in use that are lined with capilary mats for ease of watering. Lights are on a timer for about 18 hours a day. Below those shelves is a grow mat to heat the bottom of the germination containers (two, each with room for 72 plugs, can fit at a time).
Are we nuts?
The Brit must have 50 zinnias and more than two dozen coleuses under the lights. The first salad greens could be picked and eaten, if we wanted. The first set of tomatoes (Silvery Fir determinates, some Lynn’s Beefsteak indeterminates) are doing well, and I am anxiously waiting for the tomatoes planted a few days ago to germinate: ‘peach’ tomato seeds that we were given, oxheart, orange gold-ball-sized ones that I saved, Brandywine, all the rest of the Cherokee Purple, Super Marmande, cherry tomatoes and German Queen from another seed saver.
And that’s just some of what will start in the basement!
Finally, admire the bird bath we bought yesterday. Finding the right one (something simple, worn-looking) is harder than you’d think.

Open for bird baths
Open for bird baths

2 thoughts on “Basement=greenhouse

  1. Hi !
    Luvly bird bath !!! I actually read tht piece very interestin in non sarcie tone !!!
    But i was thoroughly disapointed tht i did not get an email tellin me how the tomatoes were !!!! I lost sleep ova them !!

  2. Your set up looks good. Mine is on my kitchen table with clip lamps attached to the chairs (not ideal, but it works well). I have some of the salad greens going, along with kale and broccoli plants. I nearly planted some outside Saturday but thankfully did not as we received our second Sunday of slushy snow in Chicago. I couldn’t resist planting something so I put some radishes down and after watering covered with clear plastic. Maybe it’ll be ok. At least with radishes you know right away!
    I like the bird bath – I went with my mom last year to buy one in the fall – it was epic to say the least!

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