Tomato update

(This is for you, Zoe)
Just counted all the tomato seeds that have germinated — 55, including some Ramapo hybrids that Amy asked us to start for her. Some are still in seed starter, almost ready to move to potting soil, but others could go outside if it was a month later, the risk of frost had past and we’d built that new raised bed (that, at least, is happening soon). Note the prize tomato plant so far:

Our largest tomato plant, a Silvery Fir
Our largest tomato plant, a Silvery Fir

I have room for just 20 plants, so there are plenty of extras for everyone. (And extras of every type too.) So place your requests. And if you ever buy a bicolor yellow heirloom this summer, preferably with red in it, think of the 2010 garden and save a few seeds for me.
Next: basil to go with the tomatoes. Have started the Genovese; lime and Thai to follow.


One thought on “Tomato update

  1. Thank you for that it’s put my mind at ease i can now sleep at night !
    Im sure we would love a tomato plant so if you feel like stuffing one in your suitcase nxt time you come over then go for it !
    Wow that is a big tomamto plant !!!! You should call the plant the zoe plant !!!

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