And now for the words

Even if the pictures below are each worth 1,000 words, I have to add a bit of text.
We have more than 150 daffodils blooming along one side of the front walkway, about 65 on the other side. I have no idea how many are packed in what we call the iris bed under the mimosa tree, but I know there are 10 different types and am guessing there are well over 100. Some are past their prime, others have yet to bloom (and yet others, unfortunately, seem to be all leaf. Next year.). More orange-tipped and peach ones are coming out, and the mix is much nicer than an island of one or even two varieties. The front beds could definitely use more orange. Or those beetroot red hyacinths I’ve seen.
The six containers packed with tulips (only way to keep the deer away is to keep them on the porch) are just starting to bloom — a wonderful mix of colors!
The fifth raised bed is finished and filled with top soil, just waiting for the risk of frost to pass (Mother’s Day) so I can get in those tomato seedlings. Much to my surprise, the Brit decided it should be 12 feet, not the 10 feet I was expecting. Room for two more tomatoes! So 22 there shall be, 12 in that bed, eight in another and two in containers. And you think there will be a glut?!? Send your favorite tomato recipes but don’t count on getting any extras. 🙂
We’ve transplanted some salad greens and sown parsley, beet, broccoli raab, bok choi and spinach seeds. Probably something else too.
Next up: mega mulching of the flower beds.


One thought on “And now for the words

  1. I have one crocus in my front yard. Does that count.

    But some indeterminate things are flowering in the back as well, and the honeysuckle is leafing happily. Shame I might have to tear the deck down and the honeysuckle with it…

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