No more risk of frost!!

Or so says the 15-day weather forecast, which takes us through Mothers Day and our frost-free day. I am thrilled!!! So I’ve gone ahead and transplanted two Silvery Fir heirloom determinates into containers and am hoping to be eating homegrown juicy tomatoes with my Fourth of July burger. They’ll live in the garage at night until I figure out how to keep them out of harm’s way (ie deer.) I hope to get a few other varieties in the beds later today. (I’ll hold a few back just in case the forecast is really wrong.)
We’re heading into our fourth day of temperatures in the 90s, so a lot of the daffodils have wilted. But some of the later-blooming ones, including the gorgeous Tahitis, are looking great.

A Tahiti daffodil
A Tahiti daffodil

Forget-me-nots are blooming, as are the creeping phlox. And the first bearded iris flowerheads are out, so blooms can’t be far behind. Last year, the first one bloomed April 30. Think we’ll match that this year. Plenty of irises to split this summer, though, and plenty to give away to whoever would like some.


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