Rain, rain go away

Ever since the heat wave broke six days ago, it feels like it has been either raining or threatening to rain. Very depressing. We could be in England.
Yes, I know it makes it easier to weed when it’s not raining (especially all those tree volunteers and mock strawberries in the lawn). And of course it’s good for the plants in the ground, but there are still a lot that aren’t there yet! All the annuals we’ve been growing under the lights (read that as mostly zinnias), the cannas that need to be replanted, the finds at the Master Gardeners’ plant sale (even if there were no Jack in the pulpits) and of course most of the tomatoes. The iris flower heads are bulging, but with little sun, still no flowers. As for the coreopsis in the ‘death zone,’ it’s threatening to overwhelm everything around it. (If someone wants a cutting, speak up!)
I was a bit cocky last week. Highs have pretty much been in the 50s since then (Wednesday we’re supposed to get back to the mid-60s), so I’ve used the cold frame to help protect the three tomatoes I planted in the beds. I know they’d all be much bigger if I’d left them indoors. A lesson for next year: be patient!
Another lesson: don’t lose focus on the seeds you’ve just planted. Quite a few in this last batch of seeds (not tomatoes!) didn’t make it. I’m sure it didn’t help that we didn’t go down to the basement to check on them and keep them moist.


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