No more perennials!

At least until fall, when the front beds will expand again.
It’s only early May and the flower beds look packed. We struggled to find spots big enough for the seven perennials we bought at our local Master Gardeners’ plant sale last Saturday. This one grows to three feet wide? Lucky to get 18 inches. Yes, I confess we bought without knowing exactly where they would go (aside from plant No. 8, a clematis that went in within hours, and two herbs), but we thought this was quite an improvement from the 19 plants we remember buying last year. Plus, some rate as all-stars in Jeff Cox’s “Perennials All-Stars,” a great tip of a book from a friend. (An example: Moerheim Beauty Helenium, also known as sneezeweed, in the great fall colors of red, orange and gold. I am thinking of it as a perennial mum.) No Jack-in-the-pulpit, unfortunately.
Annuals get squeezed in tomorrow, and then I suspect there will barely be a spare inch. All of this makes us wonder what the beds will look like come June. (Or when we try to add the annuals that are still being babied under the lights in the basement. Or are still in seed packets, like the wave petunia. Are we nuts?) That deep-red Niobe clematis I wanted to look for will definitely have to wait until next year.
All in all, though, we’re quite impressed with beds that began with tiny (but great-quality) plants from Bluestone Perennials and some contributions from a sister in 2006 and just keep growing. Plus, packed beds mean less space for weeds and therefore less weeding.
Also tomorrow — more tomatoes go in. Yay!! Some look ‘strapping,’ according to the Brit.
First harvest of the garden lettuce — yum.


2 thoughts on “No more perennials!

    1. Demanding, demanding, aren’t we?
      Sorry, been more than a bit busy and the sun hasn’t always cooperated.

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