Meet R2D2

You vote: R2D2 or a dalek?
You vote: R2D2 or a dalek?

This is the newest member of our compost family (we also have three three-feet square mesh and frame bins in the back, hidden by forsythia). It come from friends for whom this was surplus (I think they have eight in use.) The Brit thinks it should be called a dalek, but I don’t know Dr. Who.
We have filled it with half-finished compost from the back and hope that the heat-absorbing black plastic plus the full-sun spot will quickly turn everything into crumbly goodness.
Then it’ll be time for another batch.


One thought on “Meet R2D2

  1. Definitely R2D2. I used to have that exact composter and it works really well – it breaks down the material quickly. I no longer have it because despite it being “rodent proof” a hole was chewed along the bottom air vents after Jim put pecan shells in there for composting (who knew?) I now have an “envirocycle” one that you spin around and collects compost tea at the bottom. I don’t like nearly as well, but it keeps the rats out.

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