The Brit is tired of mowing around the raised beds. Taking down the netting, cutting the grass up against the wood and putting back the nets is just too time-consuming, he says. He is the chief mower, so there’s not much I can say. The compromise is a mulch path (instead of stone — think of what could happen if one of those ends up in the mower). So we spent part of the weekend in the hot sun ripping out some of the turf, adding top soil, tamping it down, covering it with landscape fabric as a weed barrier and then topping it with mulch. Took hours and we are only halfway done.
Here’s our work:

In the middle of the job (that's our rhubarb on steroids in the background)
In the middle of the job (that's our rhubarb on steroids in the background)
Done! (for this weekend)
Done! (for this weekend)

2 thoughts on “Trail-building

  1. So what are you doing to get your rhubarb on steriods? My little rhubarb plant is too small. I’m not sure if it’s the age (it was there when I moved into the house) or poor location, but it sends out feeble shoots. Next year I’m thinking of getting another one or two for the main garden.

    1. I really don’t know. I found a pack of three bareroots at Menards (Midwest chain like Lowe’s) for $3 a couple of years ago. This one has always been on steroids, another one was DOA (dead on arrival) and the third is finally doing well this year, but nothing like the first. They are a green variety, live in a raised red in full sun, get some compost/leaf mulch but nothing more (guess I should look for organic 10-10-10). Bought a small red one at the local farmers market last year, put it in a bed toward the back since deer won’t touch it, but it has done nothing. Maybe not enough sun? I will move it in the fall.
      The Brit found this web site the other day: — everything you want to know about rhubarb and more. (We cut off the flowers as a result.)

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