I am so excited! Looked at my pair of silvery firs in pots and one has one, no, two little tomatoes already! (I figure the other is behind because a deer munched on it a while ago). I think I’ll have ripe ones by the Fourth of July!
I’ve tried to take a photo but it’s hard to get a good focus on something still so small. This is the best I could do:

baby tomato
baby tomato

Wait a week and I’m sure I’ll do better.
Silvery Fir is a determinate variety, so all the fruit should come around the same time. That also makes it suitable for pots. My only fear now is that the deer will come back and munch. Right now I have the pots under the motion-detector lights for night and wonder if I should drag them close to the front porch. More sun, I think, but also the risk of out of sight, out of mind. Plus the deer seem to have discovered a few things at the other end of the front path.
Also in bloom: eight rose campions, which are magenta flowers on a silvery-green stalk/foliage. One of my favorites, and long-lasting. Only a few days until the red-hot pokers (aka Tiki torches) are blooming too.


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