Creole tomatoes

New Jersey brags about the taste of Jersey tomatoes, but as we discovered during a weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana thinks the same about Creole tomatoes. We lucked out and were there the same weekend as the Creole Tomato festival (combined with the Cajun and Zydeco music festival and the seafood festival — what more would you need?)

New Orleans loves its Creole tomatoes
New Orleans loves its Creole tomatoes

No one could tell us much about Creole tomatoes. It’s the soil, many said. When I asked a vendor if these were heirloom or hybrids (I was thinking seed-saving), the hired help had no idea. The only place I found that suggests they could be heirlooms is, which sells seeds. Here’s what the site says:
An heirloom developed in Louisiana for hot, humid climates. This variety has a very loyal following. Yields 3-inch, round, firm, red fruit with a lots of juice and delicious tomatoey flavors with good acidity.
How did it taste? Not surprisingly, they like to “season” them down there with some sort of herb and salt mixture. My take: like a tomato should.

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