First tomato harvest!!

Salad ingredients, all homegrown
Salad ingredients, all homegrown
Yum! First tomato of the season.
Yum! First tomato of the season.

Mid-July and we are eating our first tomato! My record-keeping was pretty poor, so I can’t say whether this is a Super Marmande or a small Lynn’s Beefsteak .. or? But it is a mix of tart and sweet, a perfect tomato that went wonderfully on a bed of greens from the garden, including a few rainbow Swiss chard that haven’t been munched by the rabbit or whatever has gotten into the beds, plus one radish. Can’t wait for more tomatoes (not like there is one ready to be picked in a few days, unfortunately, but plenty on the vine).
My call was Fourth of July. That was when I was excited that a determinate Silvery Fir had its first tomatoes, later munched by deer, unfortunately. Even so, not a bad call.
Even odder — this isn’t from one of the first three I planted in the bed in late April.


5 thoughts on “First tomato harvest!!

  1. Your nephew’s comments:

    “That looks yummy!”
    “That’s her garden”

    So there you have it…I bet the first one tasted amazing! Looking forward to hearing about more!

  2. That looks goregous. It looks a little like the oxheart you wrote about a few months back. I bet it was tasty. Congrats!

  3. Congratulations. Novice gardener that I am, I have to ask: do we wait until our tomatoes (only 2 have shown up so far) turn red on the vine or pick them when green and let them ripen on the kitchen counter?

    1. I let them ripen on the vine, generally until they’re ready to eat, though sometimes I decide I’ve picked them early and they need a few days on the counter. Just had one this weekend that was still warm from the sun … mmmm.
      The only times I have brought in green tomatoes is when they have fallen off the vine or it’s the night before frost. I was very surprised last fall that green tomatoes kept ripening on the kitchen counter (in a normal, wide bowl) and didn’t get all mushy like the ones we had wrapped in newspaper the year before and had put in the basement. We had our last ’08 garden tomato just after New Year’s.

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