Glut looming!

How many tomatoes can you spot?
How many tomatoes can you spot?

We should soon have a bumper crop of tomatoes (as long as late blight stays away). The smaller bed, which was planted first, looks the fullest, maybe also because it seems to get more sun. This photo shows just a small portion of what’s out there today.
And you think I don’t know what to do with them all? Rice-stuffed tomatoes, gazpacho, chutney, canned tomatoes, salads … want to suggest anything else?


3 thoughts on “Glut looming!

  1. As you know we started our veggie garden late this year (because we only moved into the house June 9) and this morning we discovered that someone – probably a rabbit – had eaten the first three tomatoes that were growing 😦 Luckily a bunch of tiny new green tomatoes are starting to appear. So, as long as the bunnies stay away, we should be okay. But WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! To ward off the critters I bought a bunch of thin copper rods and, with Jeff’s help, bent them into stakes which I jammed through the bottom of the chicken wire fence and into the ground. Hopefully this will keep ’em out. Also, we bought a big plastic yellow-eyed owl and set it atop one of the bamboo tomato poles. Hopefully this will scare the little guys.

    1. My sympathies. Makes you appreciate the work that goes into farming! And maybe that’s the reason I plant so many (too many?) tomatoes. We moved the petunias onto a table on the deck to keep them away from rabbits (or is it the groundhog?)

  2. I lost my first tomato to a squirrel, the first to ripen, so for a while it was squirrel, 1; Debbie, 0, but as others have started to turn color I’m taking them off before they’re completely ripe and letting them ripe on the table. Not the best solution, but at least I get tomatoes! As far as a recipe, I always like what the Italians do, tomatoes, bread, garlic baked in the oven until it’s like a tomato bread pudding. Risotto is good too!

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