Homegrown containers

Overflowing with petunias
Overflowing with petunias

The Brit gets all the credit for these jam-packed containers of petunias (I can only claim the yellow calendulas), begun under the grow lights and now dazzling our deck (and a bit of the front bed).
We opted for containers after the rabbit nibbled off the flowers of all the red petunias within days of planting them last year. Our only quibble this time is that all the nearly white ones ended up in one pot.
Unfortunately we haven’t had as much success with the night phlox. Or the knautia, which has disappeared after being planted in beds. We now intend to use the rhubarb bed to get perennials big and healthy before moving them to more permanent sites.

4 thoughts on “Homegrown containers

    1. They’re wave petunias! (so ok, maybe better on the ground. But I like them going every which way.) And yes, we did pinch the faded ones after this photo was taken.

      1. Does one need to pinch off (deadhead) all flowers to ensure they’ll grow again, if they’re perennials? Our house came with a ton of orange lilies (I think they’re lilies) and lots of them have dried up. I’m sort of letting them fall off but can start pinching them off if that’s better.

  1. I think day lillies reflower every day, no need to pinch. Others can use deadheading, but I think others won’t rebloom if you do (shasta daisies, at least for me), so then you just decide whether the the remains add interest, or are just a mess and should be cut back. I end up googling that a lot, though we also have found another book, The Well-Tended Perennial Garden, that acts as a good reference book for this.
    On the annuals side, our petunias needed some pinching after the flowers dried out. And then they came back.

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