Life is short–plant everything

One of the books I’m reading now is “From the Ground up; the story of a first garden” by Amy Stewart. The title of this entry is one of my favorite lines in it, and one that goes well with my motto of exuberance in the garden.
She was renting a house in a California beach town and was describing some of the neighborhood gardens. “Forget about manicured lawns, they seemed to say as I walked past them. Avoid anything that looks too much like ‘landscaping.’ Life is short–plant everything.”
Later on, she says “there is an old saying that if you have a dollar and garden, spend 90 cents on the soil and 10 cents on the plant.” And then she admits she hadn’t heard it when she started gardening. Instead, “I walked into the nursery every weekend the way a friend of mine used to walk into Tiffany’s–helpless, her credit card sliding onto the jewelry counter from between trembling fingers.”
Better that I am reading this book than debating which bulbs to buy in Van Engelen’s end-of-season 25% off sale!


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