First plant for 2010

A friend just dug up some elephant ears from her garden and dropped them off. These are hardy to zone 8, so they will spend the winter in the basement. Think of them as giant-leafed, very tall hostas. One Web site says they can grow to eight feet in the tropics but two to three feet is more what we should expect. I would say my friend’s plants were taller than that!
I’m sure we’ll debate all winter where to plant them. They like partial shade and wet areas. Maybe down by the iris bed? Perhaps as an archway into the “secret room” that still needs to be created?

Even the root ball is huge!
See how large the root ball is!

2 thoughts on “First plant for 2010

  1. Curious about the significance of the wine bottle here. Do elephant ears need wine to thrive. And also note the cunning advertorial for the Wall St Journal, specially designed for upside down Australians.

    1. All about showing relative size (no wine needed for these plants to thrive — or not that I know of!) — or how would you know that I wasn’t exaggerating? 🙂
      And that was the newspaper I grabbed first to keep soil off the counter. Honest.

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