From the garden–in January

Yes, we are still eating from the garden!

We didn’t get the leeks out for Thanksgiving and then it snowed … It made usĀ  wonder just how cold-tolerant leeks are. Just frost, or a foot of snow is OK? Now that the snow is gone, we decided it was time to dig them out and roast them before they turned to mush. Only there were so many that we still have some in the ground.

Fresh leeks from the garden, heading for the oven
We can't fit in all our leeks!

Our conclusion: Yum! We definitely will be growing more leeks this year, and maybe even succeed in harvesting them earlier. Very easy to grow (the hardest part probably was transplanting seedlings into larger pots, which the Brit did using a pencil to make the hole. We kept them under grow lights for a couple of months). We packed them in pretty close together and probably had two dozen. We could try double that.

Our other garden food is a spicy tomato sauce that I canned this summer. To be honest, the tomatoes might have been one of those bulk farmers market purchases. The recipe, called Creole Sauce, comes from Ball’s Complete Book of Home Preserving and is wonderfully spicy. We put it on top of pasta tonight. Another one that I’ll be making again. (If you want to learn to can, this is a great reference book. Lots of ‘how to’ explanations plus 400 recipes, from jams and tomato sauces to ice cream toppings and mustard.)


One thought on “From the garden–in January

  1. That’s great! I have some parsnips that are under snow that I didn’t get to in time, but supposedly they should be ok. I’ll have to try & dig them out when it stops being cold & snowy – so about June in these parts! For New Year’s Day I had the last of the kale from the garden that I had put in a plastic bag in the crisper. Still good. Waiting for spring…

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