Thousands of seeds

Our seed stockpile keeps growing!

This is what borage looks like

This time it’s courtesy of my sister-in-law, who gave us 16 packs from Seeds of Change (yes, the White House’s choice) of things we wouldn’t have  bought, and I mean this in the nicest possible way. She came up with two groups: Asian greens and plants that attracts beneficial insects. So we now have seeds for Texas hummingbird sage (red!), medicinal borage (cool-looking!), butterfly weed (orange!) and tall fernleaf fiddlenecks (great name!). The greens include white icicle heirloom radishes, komatsuna (brassica rapa, in Latin, and not something I know from my local Asian store) and edible chrysanthemums (a  zesty, edible green for an unusual addition to salads, canned goods, or freshly prepared vegetable dishes, according to Seeds of Change.)

The Brit has ruled out a sixth raised bed. That mean We’re (I’m) going to have become more efficient with our space.

Coming next: our seed inventory. Want to take part in our seed exchange?


2 thoughts on “Thousands of seeds

  1. I have borage growing in my yard. It self-seeds so keep that in mind – but when it’s young the leaves have a nice cucumber taste but when they get bigger they get fuzzy and the biggest aren’t edible. But that’s when the flowers are & they look lovely on salads or something else that could use a dainty edible.

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