Seed inventory

We'll go crazy starting lots of these within a few months
Just a few of the many seed packets we have

Don’t be too shocked, but the list of seed packets that live in our basement runs more than four pages. And I wonder if we missed a few. There are 15 types of tomato seeds alone, and that is before a friend bring some exotic kind she’s promised. But yes, I’ll trade for something else. Anyone have any Ananas? Or something else stripey? I also have my eye on a couple on a friend’s trade list. To think that I only have room for 18 tomato plants in two raised beds this year, and that may be giving them less air circulation than I should. 😦 Note: I’m sure I will have extra seedlings, just like last spring, so put your hand up if you want some.

The vegetable list hits nearly two dozen, if you allow chard, bok choi and such. There’s a separate salad greens list, boosted incredibly from that Christmas present of Asian greens. Add 10, plus the edible Chrysanthemums (I didn’t know where to put them, so I’ve decided they rate as greens.) Herbs — nearly a dozen, and I had to restrain myself from adding to it. I was just at Home Depot and they had lime basil (delicious!) and lemon basil (want to try it) for $1.07 per packet. Gold star for me because I walked away.

Finally, there are two pages of flower seeds. I’m planning on scattering a lot of cosmos seeds come May.

So what could possibly be missing? I’d like to try pattycake squash and some eggplant. And how about potatoes? Did you see the New York Times article a while back suggesting that Keuka Gold could be the new Yukon Gold? I’d be willing to give them a try.

The Brit is ready to ramp up seedling production, which I think means yet another heat mat and more grow lights. As for me, I need to become even more diligent about square-foot gardening.


4 thoughts on “Seed inventory

  1. Yeehaw! Count me in! I’m drifting in the winter doldrums, so your welcomed talk of seeds has my full attention. Am definately on for tomatoes. And am on the lookout for Larkspur seeds. I’ll pick some up for you as well when I find some. Others on the wishlist: Moonflower, cypress vine, love lies bleeding.

  2. Friend arrived, forgot seeds for exotic heart-shaped orange tomatoes. Will have to entrust them to the USPS on return to home base. Expect regular progress reports on whether they grow or not.

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