My latest experiment

I’ve decided to grow lemongrass.

I know New Jersey and zone 6b isn’t exactly the tropics and January isn’t the height of a hot, sticky summer either. But I needed some lemongrass for a recipe and thought why not?

I’d read that you buy the freshest-looking lemon grass at the store and hope it still had a root or so. Mine came wrapped in plastic and looked like it had been scraped clean. But I put it in a glass of water and pretty much forgot about it, even though it was right there by the sink and barely changed the water.

Some of the outer leaves dried, and I peeled those off. The very center looked dry, too, so I was wondering if this would work. Lo and behold, a root developed. Then it fell off — drowned? I left the stalk in the jar, figuring I had nothing better to do with it. And I forgot about it for even longer (I don’t know how long). And when I looked again, there were roots!

I wasn’t sure exactly where to plant it, and so I stalled some more. Finally I looked at it again this weekend and the roots had gotten longer. I had an empty container with the the dead remains of a few petunias that never did much that either needed to go into the basement or be used. So I stuck the stalk in it. The pot also happens to be next to our wood-burning fireplace insert, so I am hoping the temperature is cozy enough for this stalk to survive until June, when it can go outside and hopefully really thrive.

I’ll report back on its health every once in a while.

Here’s a Web site that might provide you with more encouragement.

Or just call me crazy.

Here's the lemongrass

One thought on “My latest experiment

  1. Crazy.

    See previous (or is that next) comment about horseradish, which you admit is said to be easy to grow.

    Mind you, I am far more likely to use horseradish than I ever am to use lemongrass, so this reply may reflect a bias of some kind.

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