Somehow in the past week, I got the idea that I could grow horseradish in the garden. I can’t remember exactly how this came about — maybe I was thinking that I should try a recipe for horseradish mashed potatoes.

I’ve never seen it in the vegetable catalogs, so I started by looking in my Vegetable Gardener’s Bible. It was in there, so that seemed like a good sign. Horseradish, I learned, is a perennial, grown from a root cutting, and pretty much grows itself.

That might be the positive spin. The book’s planting advice: don’t grow with other plants. But when I looked for advice online, it was much more blunt, suggesting that this is easily invasive, like mint, and to consider growing it in its own pot. One described accidental cuttings as a horseradish cluster bomb. When you start grating the rootings, another site warned, you need to be by an open window because the fumes are so strong. The sites also pointed out how little horseradish you actually use.

I started wondering if growing horseradish was such a good idea. (Not that it stopped me from emailing a local herb farm and asking if they carried it) The Brit seems to agree too and suggests using the space for more garlic instead. Anyone care to weigh in?


2 thoughts on “Horseradish?

  1. I think the Brit is being silly. I mean how much space could one pot of horseradish possibly take? Grow it in a large pot and dump it on the deck, or behind the deck. Just think of the satisfaction of grating your own horseradish into mashed potatoes, or adding it to roast beef sandwiches or to a beet relish. In fact I’ll do you a trade. Give me a chunk of horseradish once you get it started, and I’ll make the beet relish and send you a jar. Deal?

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