Seed swap

Let’s get this seed swap going!

And to get things started, I am posting my four-page seed inventory. (Don’t laugh! And I am struggling to make this link work, so be patient.) Add a comment if there is something that catches your eye, and post whatever you have to spare. I will pass on email addresses privately. No guarantees, of course — I know most of my seeds are from 2008 or earlier, and I am sure the same goes for yours. Who can use up an entire seed packet in one summer anyway?

Debbie, I will happily take two of each kind of tomato seed that you haven’t yet given me, especially that Ananas Noire, and a little bit of lemon balm. I know you mentioned white cucumber and I forgot that in the packet I just mailed. Still want?

To help build the mood, here’s a New York Times article full of seed ideas, pointed out by one friend. Another send this link for free tomato seeds (as if I need more!). The Brit has been strangely silent about that one.


5 thoughts on “Seed swap

  1. Hi-
    I’ll send you some of the tomatoes I haven’t sent before & the lemon balm. Here is my list of seeds to trade. Some are a year or two old, but I’ve had success with year or two old seed. Some a few are ones I saved from seed last year so no guarantees! I’m look for any interesting lettuce, spinach and parsley or cilantro.
    Maxibel (French-style green bean), Chinese broccoli, Tatsoi, Red Russian Kale, Sunrise Orange Pepper, Red ruffled pimiento (squat little ones good for stuffing), Czech black pepper (tiny, mildly hot), Simpson curled lettuce, Lemon Balm.
    I just ordered these so I have no idea what they’re like to grow. Can’t remember how many in a pack so I’ll share a few: Romanesco Italia Broccoli, Parisian Pickling Cucumber, Lemon Cuke Cucumber, Mascara Lettuce, King of the North Pepper (supposed to do well in northern climates), Georgescu Chocolate Pepper.

    Tomatoes: Ananas Noire – Belgian type, with greenish-red skin, very sweet, Italian heirloom (a paste-type), Blondkopfen (light yellow/white cherry type), Silvery fir (55-60 days, determinate), Ropreco paste, German Queen,
    Super Sioux. Limited quantities: Bloody Butcher (who can resist that name??)

  2. I have got as far as bringing the seeds for those mysterious yellow-orange tomatoes downstairs, where they are sitting next to the computer, just waiting to be united with envelope and stamp. I promise. You’ll get them one of these years.

  3. Our Seed list (better late than never?)

    Brandywine (best tomato I’ve had)

    Roma VF
    pie pumkin
    Beets (Lutz salad leaf)
    carrot (Nantes half long)
    cucs (straight eight)
    mesclun salad mix
    Mini sweet pepper

    cat nip

    Indigenous meadow balloon flower
    Lunaria annua (Silver dollar)
    Hibiscus (white/red center, pink ?)
    Nasturtium (dwarf single mixed color)
    cali poppy
    oriental poppy
    shasta daisy
    english mixed daisy
    black-eyed susan
    sun flower
    yellow lillies
    delphinium (Pacific giant mix)
    wildflower mix (maybe mixed with grass)
    tiger lilly
    holly hock
    crocus or daph bulbs

    unidentified fern spores

    would like:
    ground cherry
    peppers (that do ok in northern climates)
    mixed salad greens

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