New Year’s Resolutions

The Brit was listening to a gardening podcast on the train home from Manhattan tonight and had to chuckle over the New Year’s resolutions from a group on a Seattle gardening show.

1. Take better care of tools and don’t just toss them in the garage. (OK, tossing is what we — I — usually do, but this fall we did clean them and oil them with linseed oil, though we didn’t get as far as sharpening them.)

2. Quit hoarding a gazillion plastic garden pots and recycle them. Hmm.. we have a giant shopping bag full of some, plus others already in the basement for the grow light extravaganza. But can you just throw them in the recycling? Or will the Master Gardeners take them?

3. Use up the mulch that’s been on the driveway and under blue plastic tarp since …? Yes, we are guilty, too, although it’s top soil, not mulch, from May. (We managed to use the mulch up by fall.)

4. Plan where the plants are going before you buy. Mixed success with that concept in the past. We did lovely Excel sheets with circles showing where various plants from Green Mountain would go, and even kind of stuck to it when the plants arrived. But at the Master Gardeners’ plant sale, it’s more about restraint than actually knowing where things will go. Why else will I need to take time off from work after the sale?


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