This Could Get Me to Buffalo

Playing around on the Internet, I came across this: a weekend-long garden walk in Buffalo at the end of July. (Be sure to click on the link in the bio on the right–this is one of those frustrating sites that doesn’t give different addresses for different pages.)

What a beautiful thought, especially in the dead of winter! There’s also a photo archive with hundreds of pictures. What’s so nice about many of these gardens is that they use common plants like Black-Eyed Susans and hostas. Click in randomly to get started, hit slideshow and enjoy shots of some beautiful homes.

I’m also intrigued because I seem to have gotten roped into helping with a self-guided tour in my town. Buffalo is an amazing example of what a project like this can turn into.

The combination of these events is motivating me to look out for other area tours. And, yes, to think about a trip to Buffalo. The Brit could see Niagara Falls, and I hear there’s good biking on the Canadian side.


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