School Gardens Need Help

I just came across this interesting post written by a teacher whose students have been helping Michelle Obama with the White House garden. After reading it, I’m even more amazed that schools have gardens (never mind that school is out during peak growing season).


2 thoughts on “School Gardens Need Help

  1. The whole school garden thing is an off-shoot of something Alice Waters started called the Edible Schoolyard and there’s debates on how helpful it is to kids. A few weeks ago the NYT food section wrote about a Brooklyn school starting a garden for $1.5 million (i can hear your jaw drop). I, too, wonder how it will work in places outside of California when the growing season is when kids are out of school. That $1.5 million would take care of about 15% of the budget hole in the high school where my husband works. (And I asked him about doing that at his Chicago-inner suburban school – he said, well, if the school grounds weren’t a brownfield site, fine!)

    1. This is the article she is referring to. To be fair, this is supposed to be entirely privately funded, so it’s not an either/or choice, although we can ask whether the project will be able to raise its $400,000 annual budget each year and what will happen if it can’t.
      The design includes a kitchen classroom and some fancy elements, like an outdoor pizza oven (yeah, we’d like one too, but for now, we use the grill.) But still, what happens when school is out for the summer?

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