Looking for Reading Material

I’ve spent some time this month looking for interesting garden blogs–and preferably about gardens or ideas that could work in zone 6. I’m interested in what people are planting, how their gardens fare over the seasons and any tips about design (and design to me isn’t fancy outdoor living spaces).

I have to confess that I’ve had an easier time finding fun food sites. I guess that’s not surprising; look at WordPress’ categories cloud and the type is so much bigger for food than it is for garden (size measures frequency). One thing that irritates me is those that don’t make links open in a new window. If I mess up, let me know!

So please point me toward some blogs you like. In the meantime, these are some I’m starting to read:

Garden rant, written by several gardeners. Part of the ‘manifesto’: “We are in love with real, rambling, chaotic, dirty, bug-ridden gardens” and “bored with perfect magazine gardens.”

Miss Rumphius’ Rules, written by a landscape designer.

A Garden of Possibilities, from another landscape designer and “garden coach.” Nice photos and seems to have quite a few posts on individual plants.

Garden porn: the photo in the masthead is enough to get my attention. Lots of photos, just need to translate California plants to what works in New Jersey.


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