Fig Update

Fig tree in March 2010
Waist-high before the Ides of March

Our fig tree isn’t a good sleeper.

We tucked our baby tree inĀ  the basement for the winter, or so we
thought. But it seems that tiny north-facing window in the basement kept it from going dormant. When we checked on it, it was sprouting new branches and pale green leaves.

We finally conceded defeat about 10 days ago and brought it upstairs, where it has continued to grow and the leaves to darken. To us, it looks healthy. Must be all that compost that was mixed in with the soil! At least we hope it’s a good sign for this growing season. Whether we will dare plant it in the ground and leave it bundled in burlap some winter is another matter, particularly after 45 to 50 inches of snow this year (or so the weather experts claim).


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