Wet, Wet, Wet

We came back from Colorado to find the yard finally clear of snow for the first time in a month. Unfortunately, we missed the 58-degree days and it’s now raining so hard that I see puddles in the lawn and wonder if the crocuses will drown. I’m clearly not going out before I have to (which unfortunately is in a few hours), so there goes my plan of photographing what’s in bloom and starting the spring clean.

Instead, I’m sharing photos from the Chicago Garden and Flower Show, sent by a friend.

These are her descriptions: They had a theme this year books/movies and using plants to represent it. Pretty cute. The main theme was the intermixing of herbs/small vegetables and other plants – companion planting. Lots of kale/cabbage/thyme/swiss chard. Not terribly creative, but some of the designs were clever.

And then the photos:

This one was the most fun: Alice In Wonderland. Her dress was arbor vitate for the green and roses for the red, then plenty of low-growing plants.

This was part of a much larger display of an English garden setting. It was sponsored by the Chicago Shakespeare Theater and their design was Macbeth in the Garden (don’t remember Macbeth being much in the garden…). I liked the boxwood/primrose checkerboard here.

This was part of a Wizard of Oz design – this was a “dress.” It’s essentially several types of coleus arranged in what seem to be planters. But I like the varieties they have here.

So this one was strictly for show.  It was ivy and some greenery along the base and red carnations along the mouth. It made for a cute display, even if it wasn’t something to do at home…


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