After the Deluge, Spring!

I was so excited to leave the office yesterday and have sunshine! And it was warm! It was still light once I got home, so of course I grabbed the loppers and started the spring clean.
Today was even warmer! Everyone has spring fever. I saw people on bikes, and neighbors came over to chat as I lopped some more. It’s the first time I’ve seen some for months, or so it seems. I’m planning Friday’s corn gluten purchase with one (it’s a good byproduct of corn syrup — a non-chemical pre-emergent!)
In the garden, it’s been wonderful to see so many crocuses in bloom–bright yellows, deep purples, gleaming whites, a few bicolors or palers ones. I don’t remember having so many, so I am hoping they are naturalizing and in a few more years I will have even more.
I saw a few mini daffodils in bloom as I was driving today. Ours aren’t that far along, but some are starting to develop flower heads (for lack of a better term) and could be blooming soon. Some are just stems, and a few speared clumps of shredded leaves as they pushed higher.
As I moved leaves off the soil, I found yet more peeking above the ground. The front bed was full last April, and I can’t wait for this year’s show!

I cleared away stems and flower heads from last year’s blooms on many perennials, and it is thrilling to see how much some have grown (those red-hot pokers!) or bits of green starting to come through. The deer have taken a few bites from younger irises and the centers of the red-hot pokers, but nothing major. Unlike the azalea bush, which barely has any leaves! That deer candy may need a new home.

This is part of the result of my spring clean:

The one bad thing: the neighbors and I spotted the first mosquito of the year. It’s enough to wish for one last deep freeze that kills them off.


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