Getting Started

I feel like I really need to get going on the seed-planting. After all, Memorial Day is just over two months away (!) and I’ll want my tomato plants in the ground that weekend. And it’s not like it takes a lot of time to fill a few seedling containers with soil and stick in some seeds. But somehow it’s all happening awfully slowly. Blame it on that commute, a longer work week because Europe hasn’t yet made the shift to daylight savings time and a few other distractions.

So tonight we headed to the basement for another round. I planted three pots each of three types of tomato seeds I’ve been given: the deliciously named Bloody Butcher, Ananas Noire (bi-color yellow and red–can’t wait!) and an Italian heirloom paste. That’s on top of the six types (18 pots) of tomatoes planted over the weekend. The Brit planted lobelia.

I really only want one of each type of tomato; the other two are for insurance. If they all come up, I will be giving plants away–remember, I only have room for 18 plants. And I still have another nine or so varieties I’d like to plant. Hopefully I’ll keep them straight til I get (at least) one of each in the ground.


4 thoughts on “Getting Started

    1. Oh I’m not done yet! Once I get back from this trip to the Midwest (ie Easter), I need to get the last nine or so varieties planted–including yours (which we will have to name by the time I see you in LA). Or have the Brit do it for me.

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