More Horseradish

A while back, I said I was toying with the idea of growing horseradish. In the last few days, I came across horseradish twice–two reasons to get me thinking about it again.
The first was a New York Times article on Thursday, pointed out by my mother. Interesting, but it seemed to brush off its invasive traits with two paragraphs toward the end of the article. I might have been reassured if I’d heard more.

A day later, my mother and I stopped at Oakland Nursery on our way to the Columbus airport. Great store for lots of reasons, one of which is that it sells horseradish roots. A pack of two was $3.99, and a four-pack might have been $5.99. Tempting.  But even wrapped in plastic bags, it offered a hint of its potency. I think I touched some of the shavings or whatever the roots were covered with, then touched my eye. It stung — not as bad as when you rub your eye after chopping chilies, but still a bit of a sting.

I picked out four seed potatoes, a packet of mixed pattycake squash seeds and a permanent marker for plant labels. But I chickened out on the horseradish.

Maybe if I find it again, just closer to home.

Or should I listen to the Brit, who asks how much horseradish we would use?


2 thoughts on “More Horseradish

    1. I’d plant them in pots. And unlike with mint, I might not even bury the pots in the ground.

      There’s a herb farm nearby that said it would have some this year. And if not, it’s hardly my last trip to Columbus.

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