Easter Gifts

We’ve had a wonderfully sunny weekend for garden work–and some nice presents to boot.

Today we went to a sister’s house for brunch. She said she hasn’t been able to get her two rain barrels to daisy-chain (so rain water spills over to the second one when the first one is full) so figured she should unload one. Guess who left with it in the car?

The Brit has already hooked it up (after some debate over which drain pipe to use). Thanks again!

Our new rain barrel

And yesterday we helped a friend, aka the Garden Consultant, with her spring clean-up. Three people and two leaf shredders makes the work go quickly! This friend has shared so many of her plants with us, far more than we have shared with her. She’s also taught us the quick way of dividing perennials: Grab the spade and slice through what’s in the ground, rather than laboriously digging up the whole root ball and then dividing.

We tried to resist but still came home with three plants: some candytuft, which has gone on that patch of sloped ground that I wrote about a few months back; a white flower whose name I can’t remember but has some resemblance to baby’s breath; and some lavender cotton, which caught my eye when we took the Brit’s parents to the Brooklyn Botantical Garden last summer.

As usual, the hardest part is deciding where to plant everything. The beds feel so full! I should resolve to spend five, 10, 15 minutes when I come home from work expanding the beds on days when it’s not raining. At least I’d be better prepared for our local Master Gardeners’ plant sale.


2 thoughts on “Easter Gifts

  1. You guys are like Garden Crusaders! Armed with pruners and enthusiasm, aiding distressed gardeners everywhere.

    Gotta design your superhero costumes (No capes!) for the next time you swoop in to save the day.

    Achillea ‘The Pearl’. So lovely but can take over! Thanks for helping me thin this pretty bully.

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