Clearing Grass

I came across this article, which describes four ways to remove grass in order to create or expand a garden. I admit I’ve tried versions of one through three (but without the plastic layer). Method three, also known as the lasagna method, definitely gets my vote. If you cover the grass with mulch as well as newspaper or cardboard, it won’t be unsightly and you’ll feed the soil. One tip the article doesn’t mention: mow as low as possible first.

It’s also good paired with my far less sophisticated version of  Method One. (I just dig. Or hack with an ancient tool I was given but can’t name).

Name this grass-hacking tool

One thought on “Clearing Grass

  1. About the tulips (and I am tulip crazy) – I’ve dug up and left in – and really I prefer left in because it’s less work. I’ve had some success with leaving them in, provided the soil isn’t acidic and it doesn’t get too soggy in the summer. I’ve had tulips (and hyacinth) that were in the needle-shedding distance of my neighbors pine tree and they rotted over the summer.
    If you leave them in the ground you need to feed them – I know in the fall they need dinner – usually bloodmeal does the trick – but you might need to feed them after they’re done blooming – but check with your master gardener. After a few years the bulbs seem to tire out, but I think there are some that naturalize.
    I’ve been having problems this year with feral cats knocking the blooms right off the stem when they walk by. Frustrating.

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