Tulip Update

From my Wisconsin friend with the Fort Knox garden pictured back in December (she doesn’t do blog comments):

“I saw on your blog about your tulips coming up and how miraculous that is given your deer population. Same here!! Last year they got munched off as soon as they came up because we hadn’t set up our secret weapon yet. Have you ever hear of a Spray Away? You hook it up to a hose and a motion-detector sets off a burst of water to frighten critters away (it works well on Jehovah’s Witnesses and other unexpected guests, too). 
We got ours at Ace Hardware for about $69 and you have to replace the 9-volt battery every couple of months. You can turn it off if you’re going to be in the yard, just don’t forget to turn it back on.”
As for our own tulips:  the ones next to lavender are still there, but the purple ones on the porch got munched. The red ones in a different pot, also on the porch but on a plant stand, didn’t. Go figure.



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