Tomato Restraint

The restraint doesn’t apply to the number of plants that I will have in raised beds (18) or the number still in my house (more than the 10 I have yet to plant). This was restraint from getting yet more! I was just at the Trenton Farmers’ Market and one stand was selling two-packs of plants for $1. And not your generic Burpee varieties either, but heirlooms. What’s an Abe Lincoln? And they had mortgage lifters, and krims and pineapple and banana (both tomatoes) and and … They swear they’ll be back next year. Maybe next year I’ll grow fewer and buy a few varieties?

Remind me of this.


2 thoughts on “Tomato Restraint

    1. I think a lot of it is just Trenton prices. That farmers market isn’t one that aims at upscale shoppers, and I always go there when I need quantity.

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