Changing Scenery

This is how the front walk looked a week ago:

Front walk around June 6

And this is how it’s looking today, as the red-hot pokers fade and the shasta daisies start blooming:

When I came back from London just over a week ago, I thought my desire for “exuberance” had gone too far and that it was looking … well, overgrown. But as I tied the sprawling daffodil foliage into neat bundles, I realized there was plenty of space between (some) flowers. And even more space when I pulled out a few weeds that snuck in.
This weekend, I noticed how one spot close to the door needs filling in. The Brit put in a few nicotiana, but they will take time to grow. In a few other spots, I tossed in some cosmos and sunflower seeds that needed using up, but that will take even longer.
I just got some new plants through Bluestone’s 50% off spring clearance sale, including some cool-looking rudbeckia like this one, called Cappuccino:

And this interesting Solar Eclipse:

Maybe they’ll do the trick. I just hope the deer don’t munch them. Black-eyed Susans aren’t deer-resistant, but the clumps of more established ones are untouched. These seem a bit more established than some that have self-seeded, so keep your fingers crossed for me!


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