First Day of Summer Blooms

It is too hot! I can’t believe I am hoping for rain to cool things off! As long as it doesn’t rain on Saturday, when my town is having a garden tour. I’ve put in our flowers and vegetable beds, weeds and all! I’m glad to see that there are many others listed that aren’t designer gardens. The Brit will check out the others while I stay behind to chat with visitors. Wonder how many will come?
Among the blooms I noticed today are two roses from the $1 clearance rose we bought at Lowe’s two years ago. It’s still small, but I am just delighted that we have two blooms. So I had to photograph them in case the deer discover them tonight!

I’m hoping the crocosmia will be blooming by Saturday. What do you think of my artistic photo? I’d never noticed this color pattern.

I’ve also noticed my globe thistles (not quite sea holly but am definitely warming up to their texture) and a second patch of them and a small, fading yellow version of my red-hot pokers. (The red ones already have a line waiting for divisions!)


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