Today’s Harvest

Still Life -- July

TheĀ  garden is kicking into another gear (even if we only finally got a bit of rain yesterday and today).

In the last 24 hours, we have picked:

– three pattypan squashes;

– three cucumbers (gave one to the three-year-old next door, whose own first cucumber will be ready within a few days, and traded the first white one for some of another neighbor’s first tomatoes);

– four Yukon Gold potatoes (and am sure there are more under the ground);

– two oversized white radishes that had been forgotten about;

– large Swiss Chard;

From garden to table

– seven gorgeous cloves of garlic that were in the raised beds, plus three puny ones that were next to raspberries (poor soil?);

– a few zucchini flowers to try to stuff (and to reduce the future glut)

– parsley and basil;

– pretty much the last peas.

Tomorrow we may pick purple beans for dinner. And another squash.


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