Tomatoes Are Coming

We had our first orange cherry tomatoes — maybe those Sungold? Remember that I lost track of what’s what — on Bastille Day. Today we had a few more, plus a couple of other red ones that are going on tonight’s grilled pizza, along with some homemade creole tomato  sauce (canned last year, recipe in the yellow Ball’s cookbook, The Complete Book of Home Preserving).

We also dug out a few potatoes. The Pontaic Reds have a few bumps on them — any idea what that could be? The white cucumber is “nice,” the Brit says. And after getting four weeks’ worth of rain in three days earlier this week, I think we’re a few days away from more pattypan squashes. (The squash jungle has taken over the pepper space; not sure we’ll get much beyond the one chili pepper I picked a few days ago.)

The garden surprise? A black eggplant is growing amid all the cucumbers. Did it come via compost? Or did it sneak into a seed pack?


5 thoughts on “Tomatoes Are Coming

  1. Oooh, I’m going to see if there are any tomatoes in the containers I’m growing them in. I’ll dig down carefully. Yesterday, I harvested the garlic. Fairly small cloves. I’m going to dry them now. I got home from a weeklong business trip and found a ginormous cucumber. The beans are done for the summer so I pulled them out. Will plant fall lettuce/mesclun there when the right time comes (when’s that? late Aug?)

    1. I know Balls sells a blue book with their canning packs. This “Complete Book of Home Preserving” is lots thicker and came out a few years ago — see if your library has it, or look at it at a bookstore. I have a couple of others and really like the small jam and chutney books (two separate ones) from Australian Women’s Weekly that I bought in London years ago. I didn’t see them on my last trip, but I also wasn’t in a big bookstore. I also have a canning book from the Women’s Institute (also UK). My friend with the canning blog ( has a few others, but not sure how many are available in the U.S.
      I’m a big believer in using my local library (and what they can get from other branches). Also, check out this pair of blogs written by the same person: and They’ll lead to more too.

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