Jersey Jungle

Bustin' out!
The squash too!

The tomato plants have reached beyond the deer netting, and some have pushed through on the sides. (Hope the deer will leave those grape tomatoes alone because that side is narrow and blocked by the composter.) The zucchini/pattypan squash have taken over a raised bed that they are supposed to share with peppers and eggplants, and I can’t work in a trellis. The cucumber got a trellis late, but planting them next to beans meant chaos.

All in all, the bounty means this is a far more successful year than last year!

The glut isn't far away!

But look at what the bugs have done to the brussels sprouts. I hope we’ll still get sprouts. Tips?

Sprouts lace

3 thoughts on “Jersey Jungle

  1. Very impressive growing there, and good luck with the harvest. As for the bugs, I have a thing for using coffee grounds on everything, along with nasturtiums. Something between the two of them seems to through the bugs off the scent. Hope it helps and enjoy those tomatoes!

    1. Thanks for the coffee-grounds tip! One more reason for me to once again bring a five-gallon bucket to my local coffee shop. (Great for composting too and it’s almost that time…)

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