Garlicky Thoughts

We’ve now harvested all of our garlic and the results are mixed. The bulbs taken from raised beds, where the soil is loose, were generally plump, while those grown elsewhere, despite the hours of sunshine, tended to be puny.

Our solution: a mini raised bed devoted to garlic.

The Brit is going to buying two eight-foot boards that are just six inches wide, instead of our preferred foot and have the bed ready to go by Labor Day. We could put a 2 1/2-foot wide bed (5 1/2 feet long) between a couple of raspberry plants. The Brit figures he could get 60 to 80 bulbs in there, giving us more than a bulb a week (less whatever gets replanted).


2 thoughts on “Garlicky Thoughts

    1. All that matters is that they are blooming! (Mine have suffered some at the hands of the evil groundhog.)

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