Tomato Tasting

Sungolds are the orange ones. The ground cherries have husks. Behind them is a yellow pear (light-bulb-shaped) tomato.

Several of us brought our garden (or CSA) tomatoes to the office for a taste comparison. Not that there is a bad tomato! But it was fun to see the differences, even if I lack the vocabulary to describe them. The sweetness of my sungolds got a thumbs-up, as did what I think was a Ramapo with deep red flesh. I’m already started to save seeds from someone’s green zebra tomato that I liked. But the Brandywine that someone else brought in! I want those seeds! The ones I’ve grown never tasted like that.

He also brought in Aunt Molly’s ground cherries, which he got from the Seed Savers Exchange. See the fruit in the paper husks? And the little yellow ball in front of  them? That’s it. These are part of the nightshade family, just like tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. But wow! Sweet! I would love his surplus to make some jam or pie or both. And I may have to do some seed-saving of my own (or seed-swapping). Though this blog suggests I could end up with more volunteers in my beds than I already do because they like to self-seed. Definitely one for a big pot.


2 thoughts on “Tomato Tasting

    1. You know that all the plants got mixed up as seedlings? I thought I had some pointy ones on the vine but I didn’t see them this weekend. Of course, it is a jungle, so I need to look a bit harder. But otherwise I will either have to come visit or wait until next year.

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