Fort Know Break-In

A gap in Fort Knox, after a break-in

Something got into what we thought was our secure vegetable bed (Fort Knox, surrounded by chicken wire with wooden bars at the bottom to keep anything from crawling inside the bottom of the netting). But Friday, we discovered that something — the groundhog? — had gotten in and munched the fading bean plants and cucumber. The only route in, I think, was at a corner where I hadn’t clipped the chicken wire on the hook halfway up the green metal pole.  At least the damage wasn’t too bad — most plants were untouched.

Suffering cucumber

Something also got into the bed that has been taken over by pattypan squash. My guess is that it was a deer leaning over because only one side was affected (and the bottom of the netting on the other side was loose, had a groundhog wanted in that way). Given the glut of white pattypans (we’re not quite sure what to do with them, so we always end up picking them when they are super-sized), I guess a bit less squash isn’t a bad thing.

Next time: a full report on can-o-rama, my weekend canning extravaganza that I need more time for!

In the meantime, some of our garden-grown meals from the past two weeks:

Indian-spiced potatoes, left, and another Indian dish, with eggplant and tomatoes
Shrimp curry (shrimp and coconut milk not home-grown)
Panzanella (garden tomatoes and water spinach, plus homemade whole-wheat bread)

2 thoughts on “Fort Know Break-In

  1. Really, you didn’t grown your own shrimp or coconuts? LOL. Am making pear butter – did a vanilla-pear and am now doing a spiced ginger-pear. Peach chutney up next.

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