What’s Still Blooming

We’ve had so little rain and plenty of hot weather, so the garden is definitely fading (the grass has been dormant for a while — we’ve barely had to mow).

So it’s nice that this clematis we bought at the master gardeners’ plant sale last year is blooming for the first time, and so abundantly. Lovely scent too! Reminds me of a heavy honeysuckle smell. I’m glad it is spilling over the deck rail.

I also like this deep-purple nicotiana and hope it self-seeds for next year.

The black-eyed Susans, which bloomed profusely in August, even if they seemed shorter or smaller than in years past, are fading. The boltonia is out, though it also seems small. And the Alma Potschke asters that I divided in the spring seem fairly happy. The flowers are small, but the plants don’t require staking this year and the hot pink color pops amid the yellow.

The front walk, late August

Blanket flower keeps coming back, and those morning glories have happily self-seeded, adding more color. The clumps of sedumĀ  have expanded and are turning red.

Even so, we don’t have the lushness of June. I can blame the lack of rain for only some of that.


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