Flowers in Burgundy

Are you surprised that we quickly found gardens during our vacation in France? Of course we also enjoyed the wine (and the bicycling)! But I also came away with a few ideas for the yard. And I’m gaining more appreciation for the idea of gardening for the foliage.

Like that burgundy foliage!
Some of this, please
What's my name?
Eye-catching foliage
Another nice foliage combination
This path to nowhere got my attention
Maybe a river that widens?
And of course some color
Borage, perhaps?
Cosmos and the vines
Some extra pop

I’ll save a few for later…


2 thoughts on “Flowers in Burgundy

  1. C’est belle! The “what’s my name” looks like cleome. You can get seeds for it fairly easily. I don’t know how easy it is to grow from seeds, but they sell those annuals here for about $5-$7 each, so it’s definitely worth it!

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