Mushroom Fantasies

Given that we’ve had snow on the ground nonstop for more than a month now, spring is feeling a long way off. So the “grow your own mushroom garden” box, given by a friend, seems like the closest we’ll get to the garden for a while.

The box uses coffee grounds as soil and promises up to a pound of pearl oyster mushrooms from the box, and the website promises at least two crops. It’s supposed to be easy: open the brick of coffee grounds and spores, mist (twice a day) and harvest (starting in about seven). It even comes with a little mister.

Step one is to submerge the “brick” for 24 hours (I’m hoping aloe plant I’ve put on top will act as a good weight to keep it from floating). You can see black dots and something yellow on the side. I assume it’s a mix of spores and coffee grounds. Then I’ll give it access to indirect sun, mist regularly and see what happens.


4 thoughts on “Mushroom Fantasies

  1. Tempting at first sight, but the proud boast that it’s “up to one pound” in crops seems a little sad for a $20 kit and all that misting. How much do oyster mushrooms cost in the store?

    1. We got a few mushrooms the first time. Now we’re on the second round and I really drenched it (not this wimpy few squirts at a time) and we are doing much better, even with being gone for a week. Photo to come.

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